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HERE Open Location Platform

Create Location Intelligence for your business. Get rich location data, analytics, scaled-out processing and data management through one system. Operationalize through us to bring products to market.

Built for innovation
Faster and simpler

Flexibility for developers

Location-focused SDK supports the entire development lifecycle from coding, to test and deployment in the cloud.

Gain efficiencies

Easier and faster evaluation, contracting and licensing by having data, tools and infrastructure available in one system.

Secured system

Standards compliant encryption for data in motion and data at rest. Tenant data is isolated according to security best practices.

Open to all data types

Leverage standard data formats, SDII (Sensor Data Ingestion Interface) and GeoJSON to easily ingest your data. We support all data types and provide the ability to create custom schemas.

Location enrichment at its best

Library of processing algorithms enables clustering, topology traversal, proximity search plus industry leading map matching – so you can georeference your data against the road network, efficiently.

Data processing at scale

Developers can quickly test, iterate and deploy into the cloud for production – at scale. Big data processing using popular Apache frameworks enable developers to tap into a community of experts.

Analytics with location data

Data science environment with integrated map and location data enables faster time to insight. Powerful geovisualization capabilities make it easier to derive meaning from your data.

Developer case study
Using car sensor data to create
safety services

Build an application to improve safety on the road using the HERE Workspace.


Developer and quick start guides for OLP


Flexible plans that can scale with your needs

Code examples

Get started quickly with code examples