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Built for trust
Streamlined and

Get data from trusted sources

Reduce the overhead of finding and qualifying reliable sources of data. Through a single marketplace, get data from trusted providers, across industries and geographies.

Leverage efficiency of single integration

With single integration, deploy once and connect to multiple data sources which decreases time to market for your application. Transmit data to your end points securely with an enterprise grade SLA.

Connect with the right providers

Get customized support and connect with the right providers to advance your business objectives. We take the time to understand your use case and needs. You can get access to sample data to evaluate, before licensing it.

Streamline data procurement

Comprehensive system simplifies time consuming data procurement tasks which include contracting, payments and billing, so you can focus your resources on the execution of business objectives.

Build innovative services at scale

Access data that we aggregate and harmonize for you, from multiple different sources. With improved data density and coverage, you can develop innovative solutions on a larger scale.

Directly license HERE Data from Marketplace

License data provided by HERE that includes our global map, weather, traffic, places, truck data and many more. Data is delivered through the cloud to your application, so it's always up-to-date.


Robust location data from HERE and third parties


Flexible plans that can scale with your needs


Developer and quick start guides for OLP